Hi, I’m Kennedy
Creativity is my passion and people are my purpose.

Kennedy Castelli is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Industrial Design. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently residing in San Diego, California, Kennedy was heavily involved in arts from a young age. Painting and dancing ballet, she became enamored with the effect art has on an audience; by morphing moods and telling stories in this different language. This fascination and curiosity of the human condition has stayed with Kennedy throughout her art to design discoveries.

Her recent work has been recognized by Core77, European Product Design Awards, and Industrial Designers of America (IDSA) awards for the design of home goods products.

I design in the space where two worlds meet, Industrial Design and Digital Product Design. I collide aesthetics and tech in a harmonious way. I'm passionate about unarticulated needs and helping people without causing excessive damage to resources. My passion for empathic, biophilia, and sustainable design allows for beautiful, innovative, holistic solutions, for a world that needs it. I love human-centered design and creating solutions to enhance the quality of life for all people.

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